“Day for Night in Metro Manila. Call Centres and New Night-Time Neighbourhoods”, by J.Tadié

J.Tadié, « Nuits américaines à Manille. Centres d’appels et nouveaux quartiers nocturnes », Sociétés politiques comparées, 38, jan.-avr. 2016.

This article analyses the dynamics of night-time neighbourhoods in Manila, in the context of the translation of Business Process Outsourcing activities (mainly call centres) in the city at night. Mainly at the service of the US market, these centres operate out of time, as they are beyond the usual rhythms of the metropolis. They blur the frontiers between night and day. This paper thus questions the relationships between night, cities and new economic sectors. A first part analyses the attempts to dissociate the nocturnal biases from the activity; before showing how the night was domesticated. A last part analyses how despite these efforts, the night remains influential, not only on the rhythms and work conditions, but also on the representations associated to the night workers.

Article available here (in French)



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