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Rio de Janeiro, Harbour Zone: Field work by N.Bautès

15 August 2011 : Fieldwork Nicolas Bautès

12 July – 15 August 2011 : Brésil – Rio de Janeiro

Location: Harbour zone, favela Morro da Providência.

* Second round of fieldwork (7 days in February 2011)

Main topics:

  1. Identification of the actors involved against the renovation operation of the harbour zone of the city, in Porto Maravilha and Morar Carioca (specific in the favela),
  • Attitudes and produced discourses: axes of contestation
  • What kind of actors for what kind of mobilisation?
  • Types of mobilisation and means of resistance
  1. Participation to reunions and debates of the Community Forum of the Region of the Harbour, created in May 2011: 3 reunions, more than 30 inhabitants of the favela present
  2. Interview of 2 municipal representatives (vereadores, Parti PSOL), of members of the NGO FASE, of 2 university teachers involved against the renovation project, of one political representative of the PT-Biolutas Political Party.
  3. Collection of law texts and maps and plans (with R. Soares Gonçalves) linked to the operation of Porto Maravilha.


* Organisation and direction with Rafael Soares Gonçalves of a panel at the Xth CONLAB – Congresso Luso-Afro Brasileiro de Ciencias Sociais, “Diversidades e Desigualdades”, Salvador de Bahia, 07-10 August 2011.

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