In Jakarta, the program analyses the forms of construction of citadinity and urban governance, from the point of view of nightscapes and nocturnal districts. It aims at understanding informality and the other side of cities through temporal shifts in activities. In a context where temporality and moreover night are seldom considered as a factor to take into account, where different types of actors are at stake, this study wishes to assess the relations between formal and informal processes and the patterns engaged in night governance. It therefore analyses the ways in which people colonise the night, their representations, but also their roles in city life as a whole. What are the relationships between the different conceptions and perception of the city and the official policies? How do they influence the development of Jakarta? How does modernity and representations originating from the West interact with local culture in such a context? Informality thus appears not only in what is done outside of the official norm, but also in everyday practices that mould different types of urban governance.



Pusat Kajian Representasi Sosial / Center of Social Representation studies (Jakarta)
Risa Permanadeli