FM Mars 15 La  ville et les déchets Inverses

Political economy of wastes management in Palermo : informal dynamics of local government (1950-2014), by F.Maccaglia

Lecture at the workshop: “The City and its Waste. Production, Circulation, Management and Processing”

Summary :

The dysfonctions established in the urban cleaning activities in Palermo’s city are the starting point for an analysis of informal dynamics of local government. While the concept of informality is usually associated with urban contexts of developing countries and the records of the habitat, street trade and economy, here it is mobilized to propose a reading of the local political order and its regulation process. It is, therefore, following the work of Manuel Castells and Alejandro Portes (1989), to consider informality, firstly, in its link with the political institutions and, secondly, not as a state but a process as it is a product of socio-political relations historically situated.


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